Are you a positive, energetic personality? Do you have a passion and skill for art and creativity? These are just a few important characteristics to a great career as a makeup artist!

Working as a professional makeup artist can definitely be exciting, but it's not always sparkle and glitter! It takes a lot of education and hard work to become successful and that is why many artists' begin their careers as retail artists or assistants. Just like with any job there are some not-so-glamorous requirements and a career as a professional, freelance makeup artist is no different!

  • Long hours of work standing up with no / minimal breaks (only to go home and still have to sanitize/clean your materials!)
  • Constant need to keep yourself updated (AND spend your hard earned money) on new products, techniques and trends
  • Steadily invest in education to learn correct product application, biosafety measures, face anatomy, skin health issues / skin types, and makeup styles
  • Know how to deal with clients' low self-esteem, misconceptions and criticism
  • Adapt to a wide array of different work circumstances and demands, and how to accept direction from clients (Brides, photographers and designers alike!)

If you have an interest in partnering with or joining the Eva Jewel Makeup Artistry team, please do not hesitate to apply!